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Switch Technologies

We believe in the potential of young people to be part of the future and the vast ocean of technology.
Switch Technologies was created to act as a big support for the younger generation by offering them the right skillset to build a great career.

What We Got






Years of experience
In Programming


Original Syllabuses
designed by us





Years of experience in programming


Original syllabuses designed by us

Fields where we operate


Software Development

Software Development

Experienced in building web applications for tourism, wharehouse and human resource management.

Software Development

Soft Skills

Ready to equip participants with collaborating and teamwork skills which will help them in the future when working for big corporates.

Software Development

Computer Hardware

With more than four years of expertise in computer hardware, participants will be able to learn everything about computers.

Explore our possibilities

Software Development

Fully Online

Follow our courses fully online while being monitored by our mentors and organizing online meetings from time to time.

Software Development

New Method

Follow our courses using our new method of teaching, by combining both in person and online courses and giving you the...

Software Development
In Person


For everyone who doesn't want to follow the online courses, this is the best plan. The dates are prepared alongside with modules.


Fjoralba Domi

I participated in the two-day bootcamp that Switch Technologies organized and I felt I could learn even more by following the full course and land a really good job in the future.

Inviona Hoxha

We really progressed a lot through the two days of bootcamp and I liked the method of teaching. I want to be part of Switch Technologies because it's a great experience.

Megi Kana

By following Switch Tech on social medias I've taken a liking to their posts and I think they're very serious on what they do, that's why I want to follow their courses to become a programmer.

Samuel Koci

I will go to college for Computer Science and I think following Switch Tech courses will help me a lot to build a great career in programming. Their prices are also very affordable for students.

Esli Kocani

I want to gain a new experience at Switch Tech and to gain a valuable skill in programming which will hep me choose tech-related degrees in University.

Arkel Jani

Following programming courses at Switch Technologies with reasonable prices is a very good decision in the long run to make money in the tech development industry.